He notes ongoing Palestinian-Israeli conflict cost lives of nearly 30,000 civilians

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi addressed the 55th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council via video on Monday, stressing the international community to ensure human rights protection for all ethnic groups in a “fair, equal, and effective” manner amid the ongoing Israeli assault on Gaza.

The member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China Central Committee acknowledged the current state of global human rights governance, stating that the world is facing turbulence, crises, and conflicts that continue to escalate, China’s Xinhua news agency reported.

He drew attention to the ongoing Palestinian-Israeli conflict, which has resulted in the loss of lives of nearly 30,000 civilians and left close to two million people displaced.

The 70-year-old diplomat stressed that it is the responsibility of the entire international community to protect the human rights of all ethnic groups and individuals equally.

Wang urged all parties to prioritise and develop people’s interests and safeguard their rights, highlighting it as the foundation of human rights which should be pursued with greater urgency.

“We must uphold fairness and justice, stand against the attempts to use human rights as a pretext to interfere with other countries’ internal affairs or curb others’ development, oppose acts of hegemonism and power politics, and reject the practice of double standards,” Wang said.

He also urged all sides to respect all countries’ right to independently choose their paths to human rights development instead of imposing their own values or development models on others.

“We must pursue cooperation that benefits all. Consensus should be built through dialogue, and mutual learning enhanced through exchanges,” said Wang.

Wang said that human rights bodies in the UN should work fairly and objectively, follow a non-selective and non-politicised approach, and place equal emphasis on all types of human rights, including economic, social, cultural, civil and political rights.

Multilateral human rights bodies should serve as platforms for constructive engagement and cooperation for all sides, rather than a battleground for group politics or bloc confrontation, he said.

Wand said that China, as a responsible major country, actively participates in global human rights governance, contributing to the conclusion of international conventions and declarations.

According to Wang, China is enhancing modernisation and human rights protection and is committed to delivering modernisation more equitably and championing common human values.

He vowed to collaborate with all sides to contribute to the global human rights cause.

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