Renowned personality and entrepreneur Faryal Makhdoom recently took to Instagram to share her thoughts on personal style, expressing a desire to enhance her wardrobe choices. In a candid post, Makhdoom revealed that she has been actively working on refining her fashion sense over the past few months, acknowledging that change takes time and is a gradual process.

“I do want to start bettering my style in dressing. It is something I have been working on for the past few months but like with all change, it naturally takes some time,” she shared with her followers. Despite being in the public eye, Makhdoom emphasised her commitment to modesty, mentioning that she does not drink or party, but enjoys experimenting with different forms of style.

Acknowledging her identity as a Muslim, Makhdoom expressed her intention to gradually improve her fashion choices while being conscious of her religious beliefs. “I am aware I’m a Muslim and, InshAllah, slowly but surely, it’s one of the things I am consciously working on,” she stated in her Instagram post.

The star also addressed the challenges of being in the public eye, explaining that while she avoids many events, some are contractually obligatory. She urged followers to understand the pressures she faces and requested empathy, emphasising that hurtful comments can take a toll on her as she navigates her personal and professional life.

“Please understand, it’s hard being in the public eye…the pressure of events etc. I have avoided the majority of the events (including those that were highly paid). However, other events I am contractually bound by. I appreciate the love you guys have for me and understand that you try to guide me but some of the comments can be extremely hurtful. Take it easy on me, I’m only human. We all sin in different ways and may Allah guide us all,” she concluded, reflecting on the shared human experience of striving for improvement and seeking guidance.

This post follows a recent comment Makhdoom made on another Instagram post featuring her in a gown at the Red Sea International Film Festival. Responding to criticism regarding her attire during her visit, she clarified that the trip was unplanned and that she had been invited to the film festival. Makhdoom highlighted that while she was in the vicinity of Makkah, she couldn’t miss the opportunity to visit, emphasizing that her dress was pre-planned for the festival, not for Umrah.

“Even though I don’t need to explain myself to anyone I thought I’d clarify one thing, I’ve been to Umrah many times before but this particular visit was unplanned, I had been invited to the [Red Sea International Film Festival] so I flew down to attend, whilst I was there I couldn’t not visit Makkah which was one hour away from me, so I went.”

Addressing the absurdity of the comments, she stated, “My dress was pre-planned, my Umrah trip wasn’t. The comments I’m getting are absurd, my dress isn’t that revealing at all, and I shouldn’t have to think twice about doing what my heart was called to do because of the dress I have planned for the event.” Makhdoom then reinforced her commitment to personal growth as a Muslim.

The entrepreneur also made it clear that she is not a hijabi and urged people to stop having expectations of her in that regard. She asserted that she is not asking to be a role model and expressed her satisfaction at being around like-minded individuals who spoke up about Palestine at the film festival.

“Yes, I’m trying to better myself every day as a Muslim and slowly I’ll get there, InshAllah. But please understand one thing: I’m not a Hijabi, so stop expecting me to dress like one. In fact, stop having any expectations of me. I’m not asking to be your role model.” She added, “I was glad to be in Saudi around many like-minded people who spoke up about Palestine at the film festival, which was an admirable thing to see and be a part of.”

In addition, Makhdoom humorously mentioned being displeased with the length of a slit in her dress, adding a touch of lightheartedness to her response. Makhdoom’s openness about her journey towards personal growth and style evolution has sparked discussions about societal expectations and the importance of understanding individual choices within the context of faith and identity.

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