Actor’s lawyer had stated earlier that he was no longer financially stable

In a recent candid Instagram Stories question-answer session, Aliza Sultan, the ex-wife of actor Feroze Khan, took the opportunity to dispel misconceptions surrounding his role as a father following their divorce. Responding to a direct question from a user regarding Feroze’s financial contribution to their children’s well-being, Aliza was quick to clarify that he is actively participating in fulfilling half of their children’s financial needs.

The revelation comes amidst past reports that had hinted at Feroze’s alleged financial constraints, suggesting an inability to meet his children’s financial requirements after the divorce. Speculations arose last December when industry support rallied behind Aliza, who had come forth with allegations of domestic abuse against the actor. The industry’s response seemingly affected Feroze’s career, according to his lawyer.


Feroze’s attorney, responding to the accusations and their subsequent impact on Feroze’s professional life, emphasized that the adverse circumstances had left the actor in a precarious financial state. The attorney revealed that Feroze had been struggling to secure significant projects, consequently hampering his financial stability. Addressing the then-ongoing court battle over maintenance fees for their children, Feroze’s attorney stated that they would present a proposal to the court outlining the amount Feroze could presently contribute given the lack of substantial work opportunities.

Furthermore, the lawyer hinted at a cooperative approach, indicating that if Feroze Khan were to secure substantial projects in the future, they would strive to accommodate Aliza’s needs accordingly. The lawyer expressed hope for a respectful resolution, urging Aliza and her family to play a positive role in the ongoing legal proceedings.

“Feroze is not in a good financial position right now because of the allegations against him. He is not getting big projects. If he, however, manages to score a big project soon, we will cooperate. We will submit a proposal on December 15 in court in which we will mention the amount Feroze can give presently because work is not being offered at the moment. We hope that madam Aliza and her family will play a positive role in solving the case respectfully.”

Aliza’s recent clarification emphasises the need to approach sensitive matters with empathy and caution, considering the well-being and best interests of the children involved.

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