Maryam says the one who ousted Nawaz and blocked progress ‘is today languishing in the trash’



PML-N Senior Vice President Maryam Nawaz Sharif on Sunday said that party supremo Nawaz Sharif has devised a comprehensive agenda to resolve the issues plaguing the country and its citizens as she lamented that the inflation currently burdening the people would not have befell had the former prime minister not been “unjustly punished.”

Maryam recalled that between 2013 and 2018, the growth rate stood at an impressive 6.1 per cent, while inflation was kept at a record low of 3.8 per cent.

“Nawaz eliminated power outages and terrorism, and he will rescue the nation from these sufferings, with the grace of God.”


She hailed her father as a man of his word, asserting that his name is synonymous with delivering on promises, adding that “Nawaz Sharif doesn’t just talk, he works. His name is engraved on every development project”.

The party’s chief organiser was virtually addressing a workers’ convention in Gilgit-Baltistan. She pointed out that the workers’ convention served as a referendum, showcasing the overwhelming support of the people of G-B for Nawaz Sharif.

Maryam assured the convention attendees that Nawaz valued the love and loyalty shown by the people and will reciprocate with extensive development initiatives for the region. “Gilgit-Baltistan and its resilient and devoted people are a source of pride for us.”

Drawing attention to the accomplishments during Nawaz’s tenure, Maryam emphasised that the PML-N had effectively steered the nation towards progress and shielded the public from inflation.

She reiterated that Nawaz has consistently worked towards the development of Pakistan, improving the lives of its citizens, and is dedicated to bringing peace to the entire country, including G-B, and eradicating terrorism.

She assured that the former prime minister will unite the nation and present a comprehensive agenda for progress, asserting,

“Nawaz Sharif has prepared an agenda to rescue the country and its people from the prevailing problems.”

The party’s senior vice president went on to lament that if Nawaz had not been unjustly punished, the people would not be burdened with inflation today.

She also pledged to provide the youth of Pakistan, including G-B, with educational opportunities, employment, skill development programs, business prospects, laptops, and scholarships.

Maryam concluded her address by announcing that a historic welcome awaited Nawaz Sharif on October 21, as he returns to the political forefront again after four years.

‘Nawaz’s ouster a cautionary tale’

In a separate address in Shahdara, the PML-N leader claimed that those responsible for Nawaz’s removal have become a cautionary tale.


In an apparent reference to former prime minister and PTI Chairman Imran Khan, she said that “a party has been reduced to smithereens after its leader faced troubles.

The one who ousted Nawaz and blocked progress “is today languishing in the trash,” she added.

Maryam further lamented the consequences faced by her father in times of trouble, saying he endured political revenge, false charges, imprisonment, and immeasurable political setbacks.

She added that the individuals who played a role in expelling Nawaz Sharif from office have now become an example, and the Pakistani population is eagerly preparing to welcome their beloved leader.

She confidently announced that on October 21, Nawaz would make a “triumphant return”, bringing an end to issues such as inflation, unemployment, and terrorism, while healing the nation’s wounds.

Asserting Nawaz Sharif’s resilience, she stated that, once again, he would emerge even stronger than before, and October 21 would mark the resurgence of hope, development, peace, and employment while putting an end to inflationary pressures in the country.






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