Model offered insights into her multifaceted life

Renowned model and entrepreneur Nadia Hussain recently graced Frieha Altaf’s FWhy Podcast, offering insights into her multifaceted life, from her early years to her experiences in the modelling industry. Born in London due to her father’s association with Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), Nadia shared her unique path to acquiring a UK passport, attributing it to a stroke of luck following a change in laws.

“Right after my brother was born, the law changed, where the parents also had to have UK passports,” she recalled. “So we were lucky, that without our parents having the UK passport, we just got the passport by virtue of being born there.” The model added, “We came back soon after my brother was born. Maybe the first four years of my life we lived there. After that, when we came back to Pakistan, we’ve never gone abroad to live anywhere.”

Having spent her initial years at Sea View, Nadia recalled her fearless approach to life, even jogging on the streets despite safety concerns. She emphasised her non-conventional upbringing, marked by freedom, and mentioned her familial connection to renowned singer Tina Sani. “I don’t come from that conventional, conservative kind of background. I’ve always had freedom,” Nadia shared.

Nadia dove into her educational journey, opting for dental school due to her interest in science and a desire to avoid the prolonged process of pursuing an MBBS degree. Notably, she mentioned seeking advice from Dr. Arif Alvi, her family dentist, who later became the President of Pakistan. “I remember meeting him after my A Levels. We also discussed colleges, which colleges to apply to,” she reminisced.

The discussion shifted to Nadia’s foray into modelling, triggered by a spontaneous campaign during an internship at an advertising agency after her A Levels. She recalled, “After that, I went for a haircut to Mubashir Khan at Tariq Amin’s and Mubashir then was like, ‘Oh my God! Where have you been? Who are you?’ And I was like, well, I’ve done this campaign, I don’t know if I want to pursue it – I wouldn’t mind.” She disclosed that she did her first show for Imran Qureshi and right after, Frieha contacted her. Her tall and lanky physique earned her the nickname “khamba,” a source of pride for her. Nadia stated, “I used to feel proud about it that I’m so tall and I stand out. I used to feel happy about that.”

Reflecting on relationships, Nadia disclosed her first crush on Tom Cruise and shared snippets of her past experiences. “There was one which eventually had become a little serious but I think I realised that it’s not really worth it for me because there was too much of a difference in mindset,” the supermodel stated candidly. She touched upon her engagement and subsequent marriage to Atif Khan, highlighting the role he played during her father’s illness, and exposing her to the complexities of hospitals.

Being inclined towards finance due to her friends’ involvement in the banking field, Nadia revealed that she and her friends decided to invest together. However, they proceeded without informing her. She was initially upset. However, a laid-back friend suggested a “cheetah broker’s number.” Nadia decided to call Atif, a person she knew socially, who was already interested in her. He efficiently facilitated the investment process and visited her house.

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