Actor’s recent tweet did not sit well with X users, even though she has been incessantly tweeting for Palestine

Renowned actor Mahira Khan recently found herself at the centre of a controversy when many on X, previously Twitter, accused her of giving a “diplomatic” statement amid Israel’s offensive against Gaza. Mahira, who has been incessantly tweeting for Palestine, showed grace in her response, making her stance clear on the matter.

In a tweet on Friday, Mahira extended her support to those suffering, expressing her deep concern for those who have lost their loved ones, homes, and who endure pain every single second. She also showed empathy for those who might be misinformed about the suffering “around them.”

Many found this statement of hers quite “diplomatic” and demanded she name Palestine and Israel. “Praying for who?” a user asked. “Diplomatic statement. Political and unsaid about any one that who is at fault and who I suffering,” added another. “Praying for who!? Name them and shame them otherwise no need to even tweet this too,” slammed a user.


A troll even insinuated that Mahira’s “silence” was due to concerns about her future Hollywood contracts. “Mahira cannot risk her future Holywood contracts guys, thats why she didn’t name Israel. Majboriya hoti hain.” To this, she responded with a concise yet powerful message: “Uhhh, I call it loud and clear. Sit down. Use your time to pray for Palestine.” Her unapologetic reply demonstrated her commitment to raising her voice for the suffering in Gaza.

Further, Mahira retweeted a statement by Fatima Bhutto, echoing her sentiments about the tragic situation in Gaza. Fatima Bhutto had shared a heart-wrenching video of a baby girl covered in blood, struggling to breathe after being rescued from the rubble of a bombed house. Alongside, she had written, “The images of these babies will haunt me forever. These are the victims of Israel’s genocidal campaign against Gaza and the victims of Europe, UK, and the US’s deranged support for the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians.”

This incident not only exemplifies Mahira’s unwavering commitment to humanitarian causes but also her courage in the face of baseless accusations. She used her platform to shed light on the suffering of the Palestinian people and called for unity, compassion, and international support.

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