Actor takes a stand for all unmarried celebrities

When societal norms dictate the paths individuals should tread, the issue of marriage frequently becomes a topic of scrutiny, especially for those in the public eye. Recently, actor Nausheen Shah took a bold stance against the judgment and stereotypes surrounding unmarried celebrities, emphasizing the importance of giving them space.

The actor graced the ramp at the Bridal Couture Week in Lahore, showcasing designer Ali Xeeshan’s mesmerizing collection, ‘Machlee ke Kahani’ (A Fish Tale). The event not only served as a platform for the display of exquisite bridal wear but also became a backdrop for Shah’s poignant response to a troll regarding marriage.

The incident unfolded on Instagram when a user, commenting on a picture of hers from the fashion showcase, wrote, “I do feel sorry for these actresses. Many of them don’t get married and just keep modelling for bridal dresses.” In response, Shah eloquently shut down the troll, advocating for empathy and understanding. “Darling, please give us some space and let’s not feel pity for each other, especially when we don’t know each other. Getting married is not in anyone’s hand. It’s Allah who pairs people, thank you!”

Nausheen Shah’s response resonates with a larger conversation surrounding societal expectations and the undue pressure placed on individuals, especially celebrities, to conform to conventional norms. Her words reflect the understanding that marriage is a personal choice and not a measure of one’s worth or success. By asserting that the pairing of individuals is in the hands of a higher power, Shah encourages a shift in perspective, challenging the societal tendency to judge and stereotype unmarried celebrities.

As for ace atelier Ali Xeeshan’s collection ‘Machlee ke Kahani’, which transcended traditional bridal aesthetics, drew inspiration from the enchanting underwater world, weaving dreams into reality. Its official description highlights the voluminous silhouettes, spell-binding colour palettes, and impeccable details that reflect the vibrant diversity of the range. From pastels reminiscent of coral reefs to unconventional shades mirroring the depths of the ocean, Xeeshan’s collection, much like Shah, aims to break free from conventional norms.

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