Day aims to shed light on impact of sea ice loss and global warming on polar bear populations

International Polar Bear Day, observed on February 27 annually, holds a significant role in raising awareness about the critical challenges faced by polar bears due to climate change, Reuters reported.

Created by Polar Bears International in 1994, the day aims to shed light on the impact of sea ice loss and global warming on polar bear populations, emphasising the urgency to act to save these remarkable species.

As climate change poses a serious threat to the future of polar bears, the day serves as a vital reminder of the issues at stake, particularly as their icy home in the Arctic Ocean melts away.

Polar bears, classified as aquatic mammals, rely on sea ice for hunting and breeding, making the disappearance of this crucial habitat a direct threat to their survival.

The history of International Polar Bear Day traces back to the early 2000s when polar bear populations started declining due to the alarming rate of sea ice melt in the Arctic.

The day was established to mobilise public awareness and encourage action to protect polar bears and their habitats. Since its inception in 2011, International Polar Bear Day has evolved into a global event, uniting individuals, organisations, and governments in a shared mission to highlight the importance of polar bear conservation.

The significance of this day lies in its call to action against climate change, urging people and institutions to address the challenges faced by polar bears, including habitat loss, diminished food sources, and increased human-wildlife conflicts.

It serves as a poignant reminder of the interconnectedness of human behavior, climate change, and the well-being of ecosystems and species, emphasising the need for collaborative efforts to tackle environmental issues and safeguard Earth’s biodiversity for future generations.

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