Singer recalls impact of a scandal, consequence of online bullying and dealing with arthritis



In a candid interview on Gup Shup with host Rabia Mughni, renowned singer Aima Baig shared her personal struggle with mental health and the harrowing experience she endured during a difficult period of her life. Aima bravely revealed that she attempted suicide when she faced accusations and online hate related to her relationship. Additionally, she opened up about her battle with arthritis and the trolling she has faced due to her medical condition, emphasizing the importance of seeking medical help and breaking societal taboos surrounding health issues, especially for women.

Aima Baig, a sensitive and soft-hearted individual, disclosed her struggle with mental health during a time of intense scrutiny and hate. The singer faced a scandal that went viral for all the wrong reasons, and the subsequent online backlash took a severe toll on her mental well-being. She revealed, “I tried committing suicide. I didn’t want to live. Because, the kind of person I am, I am a very sensitive, soft-hearted person. It all happened during a stupid scandal that nobody knew [fully] about.”


The relentless trolling and hate Aima endured not only affected her but also her family. Aima shared how this experience affected her deeply, pushing her to a point where she considered ending her life. It wasn’t just me who was receiving all the comments and hate; it was my brother, it was my dad, it was my sisters. And they were just pampering me. They wouldn’t even tell me and I would take one look into their eyes and tell that they’re also suffering. My friends were suffering too.”

Aima also recalled performing Umrah during that time and how the religious journey changed her perspective and offered her healing. “I shut myself in my room. I wouldn’t come out during those days. Umrah also happened during that time. That’s when I felt like I’m being summoned. I was in my room, not even thinking about it. But Allah wanted me there. And you can’t go to Allah’s house unless He calls you there. My dad just walked into my room one fine day and said to me, ‘beta, want to go for Umrah?’ and I said ‘Yes’. So, when I went there and I performed Umrah, and the intensity with which I performed Umrah, it felt like, Allah wanted me to heal.”

In addition to her mental health battles, Aima spoke openly about her struggle with arthritis and the insensitivity she encountered from others. She shared the challenges she faced, especially the ridicule and humiliation she endured during a public shoot due to her medical condition. Despite the hurtful comments, Aima encouraged others, especially women, to seek medical assistance and not succumb to societal pressures or prejudices.

“There’s this finger that I have that I can’t straighten out. I never paid attention to it,” she revealed. “And in the comments of my pictures sometimes people ask, ‘where is the other half of her finger?’ ‘Why does she keep it folded?’ It’s actually not me, it’s actually because of arthritis. So, if someone thinks that they have arthritis, please go to a doctor right away, because eventually, with age, it’s going to get worse. My family and my friends keep consoling me, telling me it’s nothing. But I wasn’t born like this. When you’re born with something, you’re used to it. But this is something that happened overtime.”

Aima’s courage in sharing her deeply personal struggles highlights the importance of addressing mental health challenges openly and seeking support. Her story serves as an inspiration for others facing similar hardships, urging them to seek help and find strength in faith and self-acceptance. Aima’s message about the significance of addressing health issues without fear of societal judgment is a powerful call for breaking barriers and fostering a more

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