Sunita says her husband dealt with those feelings quite well

Recently, Sunita Marshall and Hassan Ahmed opened up about the challenges showbiz couples may face while navigating their relationship within the workings of the entertainment industry. In an interview on Life Green Hai, Hassan candidly revealed that he initially grappled with comparing his own success to Sunita’s achievements.

Talking about how many are bowled over by an industry relationship surpassing the ten-year mark, actor Aijaz Aslam commented on how the assertion was true, especially when actors come together and are joined in the union of marriage, highlighting that insecurities can pose as hurdles for a married showbiz couple.

Hassan continued, “We’re talking about how, at the start of the career, Sunita was already a top model. I wasn’t even in the industry at that time. When I joined, I thought I was a superstar too, but it’s not like that. You put in the work and arrive. Jealousy and insecurity can develop when one is working more than the other…I actually never let Sunita feel it that way, but that’s how it was on the inside. That settled in the last few years.”

Reacting to the same, Sunita shared, “Intelligence is knowing that if this is the problem, how should one face or handle it.” Hassan jokingly inserted, “I wasn’t that intelligent, what can I do?” Sunita, encouraging Hassan, replied, “But you handled it really well.”

As the beloved duo continue to shine both individually and as a couple, their story resonates with fans across Pakistan. Their unwavering support for each other, coupled with their undeniable talent, cements their status as a power couple in the Pakistani entertainment industry. In a world where success is often measured by external accolades, Sunita and Hassan’s story serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration, reminding us that true fulfilment comes from within, and love conquers all.

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