Elon Musk issues warning “people will disappear” in absence of increase in birth rate

Elon Musk cautioned that Italy’s low birth rate could deter investors while asserting that advertisers were returning to X (previously Twitter) following their departure over anti-semitism chaos.

Musk stated during the Atreju political event, which was hosted by the Brothers of Italy party of Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni.

“I think X will be fine, and we are actually already seeing advertisers return to X. Brand advertisers are always worried about their brand…. But I think it’s a short-term issue.”

The proprietor of the social media network had previously warned that the boycott of advertisements could “kill the company”.

Elon Musk claimed that a “woke mind virus” had infected some of the organisations that had abandoned X.

The term “woke” is typically used to disparage those who are deemed to be overly socially conscious. Identity politics was “just no fun,” “very divisive,” and “anti-meritocratic.”

Musk said he was “very much in favour of legal migration”, saying countries should welcome anyone honest who is willing to work hard.

It was not possible to assess who fulfilled these characteristics without controls, he said, “Let’s increase legal immigration, but we should stop illegal immigration.”

Musk issued a warning, stating that “people will disappear” in the absence of an increase in the birth rate and that migration is not a replacement for domestic population growth.

The Tesla chief drew attention to Italy’s low fertility rate and cautioned businesses considering investing there that there is a danger.

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