ISLAMABAD: Former federal minister and senior politician Muhammad Ali Durrani has expressed grave concerns over the source and trafficking of the latest American weaponry and technology to terrorists in the war against Pakistan.

“Where are the terrorists fighting against Pakistan obtaining the latest American weaponry?” Durrani questioned as he demanded an inquiry into the matter.

“It is imperative to undertake these investigations to root out terrorists and eliminate the scourge of terrorism,” he said in a statement issued here on Sunday.

He said that the United States of America (USA) should assist Pakistan with cutting-edge technology which is in the interests of both the US and global security.

“The possibility of another 9/11 cannot be ruled out if the supply of the latest weaponry to terrorists is not curtailed,” Durrani urged.

The former minister said that the availability of sophisticated arms to terrorists is a matter of concern for regional and global security.

“A new war is being orchestrated against Pakistan through the latest American arms,” he said. In such circumstances, the US should support Pakistan with latest technology in the war against terrorism. “It is the interest of the US to play a role for peace in the region,” he said.

Durrani said that American weapons and technology are being used against Palestinians by Israel and against Pakistan by terrorists. The presence of such weaponry and technology among terrorists raises numerous questions that cannot be ignored, he added.

Senator Durrani said that the responsibility lies with the United Nations and especially with the United States to prevent the supply of new technology and weapons to terrorists and terrorist organizations.

“The goal of terrorists, be they state or non-state actors, is to sow chaos, posing a threat to the safety and security of the world,” Durrani said.

He said that Pakistani armed forces and the nation defeated terrorism with their unparalleled bravery and sacrifices and “all political parties, institutions and the masses will have to stay united and move forward with a comprehensive and robust plan of action.”

Pakistani nation and armed forces would once again defeat terrorists, who are using American weapons and technology, he said.

“Strong defense and robust democracy are the guarantees of Pakistan’s integrity and security,” Durrani concluded.

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