Former tennis star took to social media to share updates

Former tennis star and cultural icon, Sania Mirza, recently gave her fans a delightful peek into her Ramazan festivities through a captivating carousel post on Instagram. The carousel, consisting of a series of images and videos, provided an intimate insight into how the athlete has been cherishing the holy month with her loved ones.

The carousel commenced with a video showcasing the ornate decorations adorning her home in celebration of Ramazan. Sania meticulously panned the camera through a table adorned with traditional embellishments, setting the tone for the spiritual occasion.

Following the festive ambience, the carousel transitioned to a heartwarming image of Sania and her adorable son, Izhaan, cuddled up together. Izhaan’s infectious smile illuminated the frame as Sania, the doting mother, affectionately winked at the camera, exuding warmth and joy.

The subsequent slide featured a collaboration between Sania and digital creator, as well as radio jockey, Parikshit Balochi. The duo has previously showcased their playful camaraderie in a cheeky, viral reel that humorously poked fun at cricket, demonstrating Sania’s versatility beyond the tennis court.


A more relaxed moment ensued as the carousel unveiled a candid shot of Sania, elegantly clad in traditional attire, stealing a moment to glance at her phone amidst the festivities. Sania’s elegance and grace were further highlighted in a stunning mirror selfie, where she radiated in a delicate shade of baby pink, captivating viewers with her timeless beauty.

The carousel continued to showcase precious moments between Sania and her son, as they shared affectionate cuddles and beamed with joy, encapsulating the essence of maternal love and familial bliss. A quintessential element of Ramazan, a cup of tea, made its appearance in the subsequent image, symbolizing the cherished rituals and traditions associated with the holy month.

As the day wound down, Sania treated her followers to another serene mirror selfie, portraying a moment of relaxation and repose after a fulfilling day of fasting and work. The culmination of the carousel presented a heartwarming image of Sania surrounded by her loved ones, seated together at a table, seemingly preparing to break their fast, emphasising the significance of togetherness and communal harmony during Ramazan.

Through this captivating glimpse into her Ramazan celebrations, Sania not only shared her cultural heritage but also imparted a message of love, unity, and gratitude, resonating with audiences worldwide.

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