Lauren Canaday says she lost the memory of the past week upon waking up after two days in a coma

US author Lauren Canaday, in a Q&A session on Reddit, shared her bizarre experience of coming back to life after being declared clinically dead for over 24 minutes.

Ms Canaday recounted the events during an ‘Ask Me Anything’ session on Reddit, explaining that she went into sudden cardiac arrest at home, and her husband’s prompt initiation of CPR played a crucial role in her survival. Following 24 minutes of resuscitation efforts, she was revived by EMTs.

She expressed gratitude to her husband, acknowledging him as her “hero”. She detailed her journey, stating that she lost the memory of the past week upon waking up after two days in a coma.

Despite experiencing an epileptic seizure for over 30 minutes post-resuscitation, an electroencephalogram revealed normal brain activity.

The author disclosed that paramedics attributed her cardiac arrest to complications from COVID-19, which she tested positive for upon admission to the ICU.

Her experience falls under the category of the Lazarus effect, a rare phenomenon where a patient declared dead suddenly exhibits signs of life, often linked to autoresuscitation.

Ms. Canaday’s case, described as fascinating, stands out as she made a full recovery. Notably, the feeling of “extreme peace” persisted for a few weeks after waking, and she clarified that she did not witness the commonly described symptom of life flashing before her eyes during the near-death episode.

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