On the other hand, Maya Ali called for ceasefire


Pakistani celebrities are utilising their social media platforms to bring attention to the ongoing genocide in Palestine, expressing solidarity and calling for action in the wake of the prolonged conflict. Maya Ali, a prominent figure in the Pakistani entertainment industry, recently shared a series of gut-wrenching images from Gaza on her Instagram, accompanied by a heartfelt plea for a ceasefire.

In a post that evoked empathy and urgency, Maya showcased heartbreaking images of the suffering and devastation in Palestine caused by Israeli barbarity, imploring an end to the ongoing one-sided war. Her impassioned caption conveyed deep sorrow and concern for the people of Gaza, highlighting the prolonged 32-day struggle they’ve endured. Maya expressed her overwhelming empathy, admitting that she would feel paralyzed by fear if she were in their shoes, underscoring the injustice faced by the people of Gaza.

“One last goodbye,” began the star. “One last call for help, for hope…I honestly don’t even think I would be able to live if I was there, I would die of fear. But the people of Gaza have been facing this for 32 days now. It’s so unfair. But this time we won’t stop until they have their freedom. They can destroy their homes, schools, universities, and hospitals but they can’t shake their faith and beliefs. Dear God, please listen to all the prayers being made everywhere for the people of Palestine, please end their suffering, and free Palestine, Ameen. Please wake up world, and call for a ceasefire. Enough is enough.”

Her message echoed a plea for global intervention and prayers for the freedom and relief of Palestine, emphasising the unshakable faith of its people, even in the face of overwhelming adversity and increased violence by Israeli forces. Maya urged the world to awaken to the urgency of the situation and called for a ceasefire.

Meanwhile, Ayeza Khan, another renowned star who is quite active on social media, took a different approach in response to the ongoing crisis in Palestine. In a post that posed the question, “Why are you not posting?” in reference to raising awareness about Palestine, Ayeza redirected the focus to the power of prayer. She articulated her belief that daily prayers hold more significance than daily social media posts, urging followers to pray fervently for the world and to avoid blame or finger-pointing on the platform.

“Because I know that praying daily is more powerful than posting daily,” said Ayeza as an answer to the query posed. “Please pray for the world as much as you all can and avoid pointing fingers and blaming each other on this platform. We all have children and loved ones, and we can all feel the pain. We cannot imagine how painful it is for them, but I am keeping my faith in Allah, and very soon, Allah will bring justice, Ameen.”

Prior to these posts, other notable Pakistani celebrities such as Mahira Khan, Osman Khalid Butt, Ushna Shah, and Hasan Raheem have been actively vocal about the brutality and injustices inflicted by Israel in Palestine. Their consistent advocacy and amplification of the dire situation in Palestine have served to draw attention to the urgent need for resolution and justice.

The collective actions and words of influential Pakistani personalities on social media, for the most part, reflect a unified call for empathy, action, and the end of the ongoing brutality in Palestine. Their messages emphasise the power of awareness, prayer, and a united global response to bring an end to the suffering and advocate for the rights and freedom of the people in Palestine.

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