Singer’s 7-track record is slated for May 1 release

Asim Azhar is all set to embark on a new chapter in his musical journey with the announcement of his debut album, Bematlab. The record, set to be released on May 1, will feature 7 songs of which 5 are collaborations with other artists.

The excitement surrounding Bematlab soared to new heights when Asim cleared his Instagram feed, signaling the dawn of a transformative era in his career. With a cryptic message hinting at fresh beginnings, fans eagerly awaited further revelations. As the countdown began, the 27-year-old unveiled the lineup of songs, teasing thrilling collaborations with industry stalwarts and rising stars alike.

Among the featured artists, familiar names like Talha Anjum and Talhah Yunus sparked excitement for tracks Bematlab and Karma respectively, recalling previous collaborations that struck a chord with listeners. However, it’s the promise of new partnerships that truly ignites anticipation, none more so than the collaboration with Hasan Raheem, renowned for his contemporary flair and innovative soundscapes.

While Hasan will feature on the song You, Nehaal Naseem will liven up the musician’s debut album with Mujhsa Na whereas Umair will appear on Kyun.


With 11 years in the music industry under his belt, Asim spawned a frenzy on the internet on Tuesday when he deleted all his posts from his Instagram handle, a move many found reminiscent of Taylor Swift. Shortly after, Asim reappeared with an exciting teaser for his debut album.

Offering a glimpse into his career as a musician, his childhood and youth, the Bematlab teaser made one thing certain: Asim’s fans can expect an intimate 7-track record. Announcing the release date, he noted in the caption, “A new journey, a new beginning, Bematlab, my debut album.”

Fans and showbiz colleagues flocked to the post to relay their support and best wishes. Joining them was Asim’s fiancé Meerub Ali who hyped the singer, saying, “the most dramatic entry ever” and in another comment she penned, “ap cha gaye hou” (you are everywhere).

The origins of Bematlab go back to the crooner’s early days when he garnered attention with his heartfelt covers of Western songs on YouTube. However, it was his breakout performance in Coke Studio 9 that propelled him into the spotlight, cementing his status as a musical luminary. Since then, Asim has consistently delivered chart-topping singles and mesmerising OSTs for popular dramas, captivating audiences with his versatile voice and emotive performances.

As the release date draws near, the buzz surrounding Bematlab intensifies, fueled by Asim’s enigmatic teasers and the palpable excitement of fans worldwide. May 1 marks not just the debut of an album but a milestone in the singer’s illustrious career.

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